Presentation: 100 Years of Applied Anthroposophy. Key learnings.

In an attempt to bridge ecological, social and spiritual divides, anthroposophical ideas have been applied in many areas – including education, agriculture, medicine, banking, and organisational development. Applied anthroposophy has been a trailblazer. It is based on Rudolf Steiner’s work. He postulated the existence of a spiritual world. As his findings and suggestions can be studied and utilised without acquiring the skills and expertise he had, several generations have been inspired by his descriptions and impulses.
As he was convinced that the invisible realms are accessible to human experience, he offered exercises to develop those skills. Otto Scharmer refers to the quintessential role of Steiner’s work for his own thinking and how it „has left significant imprints on Theory U”. In an interview he explains: “He [Steiner] integrates the Western tradition with the Goethean scientific method, basically a deep sensing or phenomenological method, that turns the beam of observation back onto the observing self.“
It was only towards the end of Steiner’s life that he himself and people around him started applying the knowledge & insights they had gained in response to the challenges of their time.
Not unlike the integral movement, there has been a gradual shift from philosophical-esoteric school to global movement. As Global Integral awakens, what insights can be gained from the achievements, the growing pains, setbacks and challenges of the anthroposophical movement?

Presentation as part of the programme of the „Integral European Conference“ in Siofok (Hungary), which takes place from May 17th till May 23th 2021


22 Mai 2021 - 23 Mai 2021


Hotel Azur Siofok
Erkel Ferenc utca 2/c., Siófok, HU 8600


Integral European Conference


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